FINDING CARTER Season 2B Premiere Teasers: A New Chapter

finding carter

The verdict in Lori’s trial is announced in the season 2B premiere of FINDING Carter and then all hell breaks loose as the Stevens and Wilson families are drawn into a complicated relationship. Below are spoilers from the fall premiere.

A New Family Member. It’s clear that Carter and David are both immediately interested in getting to know Ben, but the fact that he’s living with Lori is problematic. He enrolls in Carter and Taylor’s school and Carter warns him about Lori, but he insists that the mother and son have agreed to live their own lives. Not to mention that he prefers to live with her just to stay out of the foster care system.

Can the Wilsons be Rid of Lori? David goes to visit Lori to find out why he was never told about Ben and why Lori kept him hidden all of these years. But Elizabeth feels that David having any contact with Lori is just playing right into her hands. And when David learns that Lori is writing a book in order to help support their son, Elizabeth confronts her herself. She insists that Carter already hates Lori and will hate her even more if she goes through with writing the book. While Elizabeth is moderately understanding of David wanting to get to know his son, she clearly wants Lori out of their lives for good. And it’s also clear that her presence in town could help tear the Wilsons apart.

Who Is Ben? Carter keeps trying to get to know Ben and he finally asks her for a ride. But she’s concerned when she inadvertently helps him steal something out of a backyard, leaving her (and Crash, who was on the phone with her) concerned about what he’s up to. He’s also interested in Bird, which could be problematic for the girl. And while it seems like he might be misunderstood, there are aspects of his past that are very shady.

Still Grieving. While a lot of the drama is taking place in the Wilson family in the premiere, we also see that another character is going through his own personal drama. Gabe is still reeling from the recent death of his father and is spending far too much time hosting wild parties and spending the insurance money like it’s going out of style. Taylor is very concerned about him, but can she actually get through to him?

A New Job. Finally, Ben, Bird and Carter head out to a bar thanks to some fake IDs from Ben and it’s there that Carter meets Jared, the owner (learn more about Jared). Clearly uninterested in the current state of her life, Carter decides to apply for a job there. But will Jared learn about her real age?

Don’t miss the fall premiere of FINDING CARTER on October 6 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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