JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE: Matt Damon and Kimmel Go to Couple’s Therapy

damon kimmel

Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel have had a long-standing feud going on for years. But on last night’s episode of JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE, the pair ventured to couple’s therapy in an attempt to repair their relationship.

Early on in the episode, Damon interrupted Kimmel’s opening monologue. Later, Damon appeared on stage in a bald cap imitating Dr. Phil. When Kimmel asked him why he was there, Damon said that Kimmel had promised him he could appear on the show earlier that day at therapy. Damon insisted that he thought the session was private and didn’t seem eager for Kimmel to discuss it — let alone show it — but Kimmel is determined.

Cut to the therapy session, where Kimmel puts down Damon’s face and body (“It’s not a movie star face. It’s not a movie star body”) and Damon insists that he “busted the ratings wide open” when he kidnapped Kimmel and hosted the show in his place.

JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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