FINDING CARTER Sneak Peek: Carter Reaches Out to Ben

finding carter

Carter and her family were shocked when it was revealed that Lori and David had another son in the midseason finale of FINDING CARTER. When the show returns to close out its second season, we’re going to see Ben become a big part of everyone’s lives.

It’s clear that David is thrown about the son he never knew he had and wants to get to know him, but Elizabeth is worried about the ramifications of having Ben — and Lori — in their lives. Taylor doesn’t seem to care about her half-brother, but Carter is very interested in getting to know him.

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She keeps reaching out to him in the hope that he’ll reveal information about himself, but he’s pretty closed off. He does, however, ask her to drive him somewhere and she eagerly accepts and then proceeds to ask him about life in foster care. But that ride turns into a sketchy situation when she finds out he’s taking something from someone’s backyard.

FINDING CARTER returns October 6 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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