Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Takeaways from GREY’S ANATOMY Episode “Party Pooper”


The Nazi’s back! This week Grey Sloan Memorial welcomed a new chief, Chief Miranda Bailey! Under Bailey’s rein the team at GSM really needed to work together on a huge case brought on by Bailey. Everyone is still adjusting to the new leadership so things were a bit rocky at first but by the end of the episode it seems as though everyone is starting to catch their breath and things are starting to look up.

Here are the top 5 moments from last nights’ Episode:

April is Quarantined Because of a Rash She Got Overseas:
“I have on paper panties!” was arguably the best line Kepner has ever screamed on the show! Throughout this episode Kepner tried to save her marriage with Jackson, even if she couldn’t leave her room due to her rash. She paged him 911 and had a screaming fight with him but it seems that things aren’t really working for this couple. Next week looks like it has a lot more fighting between the two, hopefully they can work things out.

Amelia and Owen in the Elevator:
What is it with Shepherd’s and elevators? Finally, Owen and Amelia seem to have sort of figured out what it is they are doing. I think a lot of the GREY’S fans agree when I say they are no Yang and Owen, but they sure as hell make a cute couple. Team Amowen? What’s their couple name anyway?

Meredith is the new Chief of General Surgery:
“I deserve more!” Yeah you do, Meredith! After Bailey dumped her whole case load on Meredith and then blew her off when she tried to update her on her patients Bailey apologized. Explaining to Mer that she is “The calm in the chaos.” Chaos does seem to always follow Meredith. Anyway, this is fantastic, Meredith has been killing the general surgery game lately and this is definitely a great first move as Chief for Bailey.

Bailey is the new chief and makes all of the attending’s work together and try to help a seven-foot-tall patient:
The patient works with a team that is trying to bring education to young girls in countries where it is not offered and can’t afford to miss work, therefore does not want to stay for surgery. She inevitably has to have the surgery, after collapsing on Jo and the team of doctors gets rid of her tumor.

Callie met someone and Arizona is sort of okay about it:
“Its like we share the same brain.” Callie said about her new partner, but will we meet this Callie brain sharing mystery woman anytime soon? Arizona hasn’t seemed to move on, she tried to show Callie that she was fine with her dating but in the process made herself jealous.

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