BLOOD & OIL Sneak Peeks: Cody and Billy Get Closer to the Briggs Family

blood and oil

The pilot of BLOOD & OIL ended with a bang when a spark touched a puddle of oil and nearly killed Billy and Hap. Naturally, they survived, but the danger is just getting started.

In tonight’s episode, people are suspicious when all indications point to the robbery being an inside job at Briggs Oil. Wick is doing everything he can to hide what he did, but his accomplice is a wild card that could expose Wick’s involvement in the plot that nearly killed his father. Will Wick go to extreme lengths to provide his secret? When he learns that Hap and Billy went into business together he’s extremely angry, which could make him reckless.

Meanwhile, Hap’s daughter Lacy arrives in town, which sparks a rivalry with Carla. And Billy gets in deeper with Hap when he jumps into another deal with the oil tycoon without consulting Cody.

BLOOD & OIL airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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