Afternoon Static: 90210, HULU’S CASUAL, FRIENDS & More!


• TV Review: Hulu’s CASUAL
• Fox Halloween Teasers: BONES-SLEEPY HOLLOW Crossover, SCREAM QUEENS and More
• TV Transformed: New Twists for the TV Plot, as Viewer Habits Change
• Question of the Day: Why Do We Love Lifetime’s Tame “Unauthorized” Movies About ’90s TV Shows That Weren’t Even Good?
• The Price Is Right: What advertising does to TV
• Scoop: Fox’s ‘Lucifer’ Casts Kevin Rankin
• ‘Casual’ Review: Jason Reitman-Produced Hulu Comedy Is Seriously Good
• “If any network had a chance to put Tina Fey in that job, they’d throw every man overboard”: Bill Carter surveys the late-night landscape
• Scoop: ‘Reign’ Ups Ben Geurens to Series Regular in New Role
• Sneak Peek: HBO’s ‘Vinyl’ trailer will smash you over the head with rock ‘n’ roll
• Ratings: ‘Homeland’ & ‘The Affair’ Ratings Solid In Season Starter Stats
• TV Tidbits: Heroes Vet on Rosewood, a Veronica Mars Reunion and More
• Tell Us About Yourself(ie): David Anders
• Pilot Watch: Nicholas Sparks Divorce Comedy in the Works at ABC
• Mark Your Calendars: Bernie Sanders to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
• Mark Your Calendars II: Marc Maron Interviews Lorne Michaels for ‘WTF’ Today
• Awwwwww Alert: Emilia Clarke And Jason Momoa Had The Cutest “Game Of Thrones” Reunion At Paris Fashion Week
• Seconded: Lifetime’s Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Movie Is Cheesy, Nostalgic & Awesome
• Steven Soderbergh on Shift to TV: “Film Is Fear-Based”
• ‘Friends’ Has New BFFs: New York Teenagers

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