FINDING CARTER Season 2B Premiere Sneak Peek: The Verdict and the Aftermath

finding carter

We know that Carter is eager to get to know her new brother, Ben, in season 2B of FINDING CARTER (watch a sneak peek), but before that happens we’ll get to see the aftermath of the court case brought against Lori. As one of the news reporters tell us and her viewers, Lori has been found “not guilty”. Carter will be remaining with the Wilson family, but Lori has been awarded custody of her son.

David is clearly reeling from the news that he had a son with Lori and seems lost as he exits the courtroom and sees Ben. But trying to bond with his son could lead to all sorts of problems with Lori, especially since Elizabeth is just eager to remove her from their lives completely. For more about the season 2B premiere, read our full teaser article.

Don’t miss the fall premiere of FINDING CARTER tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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