FINDING CARTER Preview: What’s Coming Up in Season 2B?

Finding Carter

FINDING CARTER is airings its season 2B premiere tonight and MTV has released an extended trailer hinting at what’s to come in the episodes ahead.

We already know that Lori will be found innocent and will be moving to the Wilsons’ town while taking care of Ben. Carter will be eager to get to know her brother, but it’s obvious that he has had a sketchy past and can’t be trusted. The video below also reveals a few more teasers:

-Carter is feeling unsettled in her current life, so she eventually quits school and becomes a bartender, which does not get Elizabeth’s approval and could threaten drive Carter out of the Wilson house

-Crash asks Carter to move with him to California

-Elizabeth is clearly worried about the effect Lori will have on their lives with her living close by and is concerned about David’s connection to her via Ben in particular

-Gabe is working through his grief over losing his father and making bad choices, but will Taylor be dragged down with him?

FINDING CARTER airs Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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