BONES Sneak Peeks: The Hunt for Booth Continues


Booth has been shot and is holed up with very bad men in this week’s BONES. Because he realizes that he will die if he continues hemorrhaging blood, he decides to seal his own wound closed in what looks like a very painful manner.

Meanwhile, Brennan and her friends are still desperate to find Booth. After learning that Agent Miller kept her partner’s recent disappearance from them, they confront her. She will come clean, admitting that Richard downloaded a list of undercover agents before vanishing. Did he sell this list to very bad people? No one is sure, but Brennan believes digging into Richard’s actions could help them find Booth. When she demands to see his apartment, Miller tells her that it’s already been searched. After all, the Jeffersonian isn’t the only lab in town — or even the best anymore, according to Miller. This statement is going to lead Brennan to question whether she made the right decision to leave and will have Arastoo wondering about his own skills.

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