THE GOOD WIFE Teasers and Sneak Peeks: A New Investigator

the good wife

Alicia is back in business for herself on THE GOOD WIFE and in episode 2 of the new season, she’ll be juggling her bond court work with her regular new cases.

Vandalism Turns Into Something More. Lucca asks Alicia to take on what they think is a simple vandalism case in bond court and Alicia learns that the young man, Eric, attacked a photograph hanging in a museum that depicts himself naked as a young boy. It turns out that his mother had taken the photographs of him and his sister and have been displaying them as art all of these years. He’s furious that they’re being used for a new exhibition and Alicia and Lucca team up to try and stop the museum from displaying them. This pits them against Nancy Cozier in court.

A New Investigator. Alicia seeks the services of an investigator to help with her museum case and she interviews three freelancers. One of them, Jason (guest star Jeffrey Dean Morgan — see photos), is Grace’s favorite. But to save a few dollars an hour Alicia decides to go with the lone female PI. Unfortunately, she screws up completely, leading Alicia right back to Jason. But at that point he’s also fielding a generous offer from Diane.

In-fighting. The associates approach Cary to complain about Howard’s billing practices after they do all of the work on his files and Cary tells Diane that they have to deal with this situation. But Diane wonders if Cary has a personal or professional issue with Howard. When Cary tries to come up with a solution to get Howard to voluntary change his status at the firm, Howard fights back and a war erupts between the two men.

Political Scheming. Eli goes to apologize to Peter for his behavior in the season premiere and Peter accepts the apology, but tells Eli there’s no place for him in the campaign. And so Eli sets his sights on Alicia and becoming her chief of staff.  With Eli now on board (much to Ruth’s anger), he sets out to rehabilitate Alicia’s image, which involves her apologizing to someone she really doesn’t want to apologize to.

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