FINDING CARTER Sneak Peek: A Night Out

finding carter

Carter decided to embrace a new path in the season 2B premiere of FINDING CARTER. After visiting a bar with her new brother, Ben, she lied about her age and applied for a job there. We’ll see her start work in the next episode, but her new job is interfering with her old life. She’s ducking out of school and missing classes, as well as coming home late and lying to her parents about where she is. When a truancy officer shows up at the Wilson house, Carter has to come clean about the fact that she wants to quit school. Naturally, David and Elizabeth are resistant to the idea.

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Meanwhile, Gabe approaches Ben to ask him for a fake I.D. and Taylor wants Ben to keep an eye on Gabe, who is still spiraling. But Ben has no interest in being a babysitter and eventually he and Gabe head out to Carter’s bar, get drunk, and then get in trouble. When is Gabe going to hit rock bottom? It’s certainly a question Taylor is asking herself, but her continued involvement with Gabe is starting to concern Max. We’re also going to see Crash and Carter deal with their relationship as he gets word of his next deployment.

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