SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: There’s Evil in That House


We met Deputy Jenna and a mysterious baby named Amara in the season premiere of SUPERNATURAL. By the end of the episode, Sam had tasked Dean with bringing the two girls home to safety while he remained behind to deal with the “rabid” people that had become infected by the Darkness.

Dean does get Jenna to her grandmother’s home, but it soon becomes clear that something very strange is going on in that house. As Crowley explains in a preview for the episode, the baby is odd. She bears the mark that the Darkness was wearing in her conversation with Dean.

But what is the baby, exactly? Has the Darkness been “reborn” as a baby, much the way fallen angel Anna had been many seasons ago? Or is she just connected to the Darkness? Whatever she is, we suspect Dean will feel compelled to protect her, just as the Darkness said he would.

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