SUPERNATURAL Preview: Wigging Out


Dean and Sam dealt with separate challenges in this week’s SUPERNATURAL. After Dean brought Jenna and baby Amara to safety at Jenna’s grandmother’s house, he was called back because the baby started acting creepy (in other words, moving things with her mind). Being a good Catholic lady, the grandmother called on a priest — and Crowley showed up disguised as one. As he told Dean, there was something very strange about that baby and she seemed to “possess” Jenna to kill her own grandmother. In actuality, she ate Jenna’s soul, which led to Dean telling Crowley he thought the baby was the Darkness. When Crowley tried to kill the baby Dean stopped him, and then discovered that Amara was missing. As it turns out, eating souls helps “age” her.

Meanwhile, Sam met a reaper, who told him that the next time the Winchesters died they were gone for good, and tried to find a cure for the rabidness infecting himself and the townspeople. After begging God for help, he started having visions of his time in Hell, but didn’t understand what they meant. He eventually figured out that holy oil would help cure the rabidness and managed to cure himself and others.

Finally, Castiel continued to be tortured by his angel captors, who wanted information on Metatron. Hannah intervened and stopped the torture, but couldn’t heal him from the attack dog spell. She also told Cas that something strange was happening and Cas clued her in on the fact that the Darkness had returned. But eventually Cas turned on Hannah, thinking she had set all of this up. As it turns out, she had, but when the angels tried to “hack” Cas’ brain Hannah attempted to intervene. Cas eventually broke through his bonds and one of the angels killed Hannah before Cas killed the others.

In the end of the episode, Sam and Dean reunited at the Men of Letters bunker as Dean got Sam up to speed on the baby situation and they found Cas bleeding on the floor, calling for help. And Crowley picked up young Amara in a creepy van.

In next week’s episode, it appears that young Amara is with Crowley, according to photos from the episode, but how long before she turns on him? Sam and Dean are on the hunt for her, while Castiel tries to recover from his recent trauma. And then it looks like the Winchesters recruit Rowena to try and cure Castiel from the attack dog spell.

Don’t miss an all new episode of SUPERNATURAL on October 20 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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