HAVEN Star Eric Balfour On A Duke Spin-off, Playing Nathan and The Series Finale


Fans of FOX’s smash hit 24 will remember Eric Balfour as CTU analyst Milo Pressman but his fanbase has grown immensely since starring alongside Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant as Duke Crocker, the criminal with a heart of gold, in SyFy’s HAVEN. In an exclusive interview, the actor tells me about his favorite Trouble, his new project, and why Duke chose to stay in Haven.

How do you imagine Duke’s life in Haven would’ve turned out if he never involved himself with the Troubles?
Eric Balfour: Probably drunk on a beach in the Maldives combating a urinary tract infection while presiding over a small clan of wild gelflings. Look up the dark crystal if the word gelfling means nothing to you.

Other than Duke’s, what was your favorite Trouble?
The one with a Bridge Over Water…

Did you wear contacts while filming the scenes where Duke’s eyes changed or was that CGI?
No, a grip wore a green screen suit and painted my eyes with washable Crayola markers and then we CGI’d the grip in the green screen suit out…

Why did Duke choose to stay in Haven after everything he’s been through?
Gas prices and a lack of decent public transit in the US.

Justine, who was an extra on the show, wants to know did you take time to relax after Haven wrapped?
You meet like a foot massage or manicure? My wife made me get a pedicure once but I found the whole thing rather uncomfortable and didn’t appreciate all the women in the salon staring at me like I didn’t belong. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have dressed so slutty.

You’ve changed your hair every season. What length do you usually prefer to have it?
I’m honestly just trying out different styles until I can get an appointment with Chase Cusero who does Jared Leto’s hair.

Melanie on Facebook wants to know how do you feel about the fans wanting a Haven spin-off about Duke?
I just frickin love those guys and would totally be into a Duke spin-off as long as DJ Qualls, Alison Brie, and Tony Manero were in it…

Which role reversal scenario did you enjoy acting out most: Detective Crocker or Nathan? By the way, Lucas told me that he was more handsome as Duke and that you’re stunning.
Definitely Nathan because just like the song says, “When I think about you I touch myself.” Or himself as it were…

Do you have any new projects in the works, and if so, what can you tell me about them?
I’m creating a one man show about a guy… That’s pretty much all I’ve got so far.

How do you think fans will feel about the finale?
I think they all better have plastic sheets on the couch ’cause there’s going to be a lot of peeing. I bet you thought I was going to say crying didn’t you??? Moded!

It’s no secret that Lucas enjoys pancakes, but what is your favorite food?
A place in Seoul called the Win Cafe.

HAVEN airs Thursdays at 10PM on Syfy. Sundays at 8PM on Showcase in Canada

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