BONES Redux: Our Top 5 Moments From “The Donor in the Drink”


Hello, Bones fans. When last we left them, B and B back were back where they belong, and Arastoo left Cam high and dry to work for someone who doesn’t abuse him. Here are your Bones Top Five Moments!

Always Get a Tracking Number.
Oops. Where, oh where, have Jared’s ashes gone? As if Booth hasn’t been through enough with watching his brother die and being shot up, now Jared’s ashes are out there in limbo.

Christine wants to know what Booth is looking for, and of course Booth wants Christine to believe Jared’s in Heaven, while Brennan is all about cremation and ashes.

For once Brennan wants to talk about feelings and grieving, but Booth insists he’s just upset that his brother is even more of a pain dead than alive. Well, as long as Booth is healing, then everything is okay.

Aubrey tries to help and finds an unclaimed label-less box, but unless Jared’s ashes are the secret ingredient in marmalade, someone’s toast is going dry.

But maybe they should have been even more specific with Christine and told her they were looking for a box, since that’s what she was using to get in and out of new brother Hank’s crib. I don’t know, kid. Maybe you didn’t inherit your mom’s genius genes.

Hey, Booth, about your office…
Yeah, that’s Aubrey’s stuff all over the desk. And his pictures and degrees all over the wall. Booth’s overenthusiastic, “It’s no problem at all” lets all of us know it’s a big, big problem.

And when Brennan comes to see him and comments about how sitting in the bullpen at Aubrey’s old desk might not be the best thing for someone dealing with a dead brother and being near death himself, Booth continues the mantra about how it’s all no big deal.

But all’s well that ends well. Aubrey gets a corner office with a view of the mall, and Booth gets his office back.

This Isn’t Awkward at All…
Brennan is positively giddy to be back at work and asks Cam how Arastoo’s job search is going. When Cam says she doesn’t know, what with them on a “break” and all, Brennan says she hopes it wasn’t her fault. Yeah, you taking back the position he’d filled had nothing to do with it. Cam non-answers that the Jeffersonian needed her as Wendell fills the silence with squint talk.

Later, Cam assures Brennan she doesn’t hold Brennan responsible. Brennan says, “Nor should you,” even though she voiced the same concern earlier.

Also, Cam has decided not to follow Arastoo and is kind of relieved she chose work over him, so all of that character development goes right down the drain. At least she feels guilty about it, because that’s productive.

Corpse of the Week!
Lloyd Nesbit and his handlebar mustache are the inventors of the Flexi-Box, an indestructible mailbox. It’s from the 90s, and Nesbit appears in the cheesy commercial.

Booth and Aubrey go and interview Nesbit’s assistant, Tim Diffley, who’d reported him missing. Though Tim sings Nesbit’s praises, it turns out he hadn’t given Timmy a raise for the past six years. But Tim continues to nearly genuflect and uses words like “visionary.” Also, he registered for a patent on some jewelry polish the day he reported Nesbit missing but insists he invented it.

Someone’s harvested Nesbit’s organs. Did this have to do with a bathtub full of ice and a note by his side? Anyway, Angela’s search on The Dark Web reveals that if the person sold all of the organs they removed from Nesbit, they’d get a half-mil. Not bad for a day’s work. Aubrey, the FBI agent, doesn’t seem to care about the Child Pron someone is selling and is just interested in how to capture the organ seller. That’s why he’s not good enough to take over Booth’s job.

Anyway, Aubrey’s plan is to lure the organ seller, Nina, into thinking he’s going to sell a lobe of his liver. And every time they say lobe of liver, I giggle. But when he reveals he’s F.B.I., she insists the convo was hypothetical and what money trail and her work is too important and she didn’t murder anyone. She gets arrested anyway.

Rodney Dale worked data entry at the insurance company where Nesbitt was insured and has a sick daughter who got Nesbit’s kidney. After much berating, Aubrey gets him to confess that yes, he bought a kidney, but no, even if he has to go to jail, he will not give up the name of the surgeon who performed the operation, since his daughter might need other parts later.

Long story short, the surgeon who removed the parts is a mortician. After his scalpel broke off in Nesbit, he had to use what was handy, and it turned out to be a sharp object that had some lady’s DNA on it. After figuring out the lady’s mortician, B & B head to the funeral parlor, with Brennan all worried Booth may freak out being there, but Booth insists everything is FINE. Just FINE.

The mortician, Vargas, is more than a little shady. A funeral is about to begin, and even though Vargas insists the deceased died in his sleep, Brennan notices something screwy is going on with the body, so she goes there, rips open his shirt, and displays his guts for his friends and family to see. “A-ha!” she says. “Just as I suspected!” Next time, no open casket. Lesson learned.

I have never seen this many cool cucumbers busted by the F.B.I., but Vargas says that maybe, once in a while, he stole a body part from a client. As if he admitted to drinking the last cup of coffee in the pot but leaves some in there so he doesn’t have to make a fresh one.

He’ll give up liver lobe lady, Nina, if Aubrey gives him immunity. Sure, buddy.

Turns out Nina only transported the body. Who gave her that body with all of those organs, ripe for the picking?

If you were saying to yourself, Hmmm…they’ve interviewed all of the suspects, and none of them killed Nesb—wait a minute! What about Diffley?”

Well, his jewelry polish was found in Nesbit’s jaw. Because somehow it was also used as car polish, and a car bumper guard was the murder weapon. A jewelry and bumper guard polisher? This stuff is great! Where can I get some? Also, also, not only did Nesbit not give Diffley a raise and put down his awesome polish, but he made him give up a kidney to continue working with him.

But somehow the death was an accident, though how that happens when you hit a guy not once, but twice with a car bumper guard, after he’s already on the ground, is something for the jury to decide. Good ol’ Timmy thought giving his boss’s organs to little girls was better than just digging a ditch somewhere and throwing Nesbit in. His insistence that this action should count for something means he’s not clear on the legal system and how it’s the murdering part that’s the problem and not what you do with the body afterward.

Angela’s Dream
Hodgins is inspired by Nesbit never giving up on his dream and shows off Angela’s mad picture-taking skillz to Cam. Hodgins can be a little insistent. Or a lot insistent. So even though Angela doesn’t want to ruin the magic by putting her pics out there, Hodgins’s expression says he’s totally going to do that.

Which he does. He arranges a showing at Founding Fathers. Without telling her first. Angela’s insistent he cancel it immediately, and I’m sure he’ll get right on that. Angela even sends Wendell in there to change Hodgins’s mind, like that was going to happen. I don’t know why Angela feels he’s not listening to her.

But he does! He apologizes and says he’ll undo it. But filed under, “You’re just encouraging him,” Angela reverses her stance and okays the show.

And who should show up but Sebastian Cole! “Who is that?” you ask. Why he’s a world-famous photojournalist and two-time Pulitzer prize winner. He wants to buy one of her pictures. Helloooo, Sebastian. That accent doesn’t hurt, either. Come back to the show, any time!

That’s it until next week! How do you feel about Cam being okay with Arastoo leaving? Do you think he’ll ever return?

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  • John

    Thanks for the recap.

    I knew as soon as they dodged Christine’s questions about what they were looking for that she had the box. I don’t understand their evasion since all they had to do was describe a box and not go into its contents or the afterlife. What I don’t understand is how she got the box. It’s not like she is home all day alone.

    Also, what insurance company knows someone’s tissue type? That isn’t a normal medical test.

    I know Angela eventually agreed and was happy, I feel Hodgins is way overstepping. He really annoyed me. I wish Angela had stuck to her position. Her actions imply “no” means try harder.