GREY’S ANATOMY Redux: Our Top 5 Moments From “Old Time Rock and Roll”


This week there was a silver flood all over Grey Sloan Memorial. Dozens of elderly patients filled the hospital after a bus accident. We saw a glimpse into Maggie’s new romantic endeavor, learn about Edwards’ emotional past, and got to meet Callie’s new girlfriend.

April and Jackson
Not so much of a thing that happened in this episode but more of something we needed to see. It’s getting old, the back and forth bickering, but they really need to sort out what their whole situation is and what they are going to do going further.

Jo needs to calm down and not snitch on her friends.
Edwards expressed her emotional and traumatic childhood experience in the hospital to Amelia. After doing so Jo explained to Amelia that Edwards was lying to get ahead, when it turns out she wasn’t lying. Dr. Webber informed Amelia of the truth and eventually apologizes and invites Edwards to help out with her patient again. Also, Edwards is super awesome and super strong.

The interns learned how to show compassion.
It’s hard to think of any intern class being as clumsy and timid than the current one, but then again, Izzy cut the LVAD wire, and Lexie and her class cut out their own appendix’s and in the grand scheme of things, this class isn’t that bad. They learned how to properly explain to a patients loved ones that their family member has passed. Though it was much harder for some, after Meredith’s pep talk, it’s safe to say they are starting to learn to be descent doctors.

Maggie and Intern DeLuca hook up.
Finally, some happiness for our girl, Maggie! Sure, she’s sleeping with an intern, but a hot intern! I think this could be a good pairing, they both take their job seriously and he seems to genuinely care about her. Hopefully we will learn more about this relationship next week.

Callie is dating the doctor that told Meredith Derek was dead.
So Callie’s “perfect, wonderful, dream girl” is the woman who lowkey let Derek die? OK. Shonda, what? Why? Obviously, no matter who Callie dated we would not welcome them with open arms because, #TeamArizona. But really? THIS is the girl you choose to set her up with, I’m not sure this will last too long after the other doctors, and Callie find out who she it. (I fully understand this woman is not responsible for Derek’s death, but like, it’s still weird.)

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