John Oliver For Prime Minister!


Press Release: ICYMI, last night’s episode of LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER weighed in on today’s Canadian Federal election, the three main party leaders, and in law-breaking fashion with the help of Mike Myers, a snow plow, a moose, and a beaver, urged Canadians not to vote for Stephen Harper. During the 15-minute-long segment, Oliver poked fun at the “adorable” length of the election campaign, the controversies surrounding several riding candidates, NDP’s Leader Thomas Mulcair slip in the polls, and Justin Trudeau’s “emotional intelligence” vs the political savvy of his late father. Lastly, Oliver blatantly invited people to not vote for Stephen Harper, breaking the Canadian law that states a non-citizen cannot try to influence a Canadian election, a violation that could result in a $5,000 fine or six-months jail time.

On NDP leader Tom Mulcair’s claim that his policies are “what change looks like”: “You are not what change looks like. I understand you’re talking about your policies but still, change, visually, does not look like Paul Giamatti’s uncle reading a rhyming dictionary.”

On Liberal leader Justin Trudeau: “The name Justin doesn’t convey leadership so much as it conveys an unwillingness to sit still at the pediatrician’s office, or ownership of a System of a Down tattoo halfway through a painful laser removal process. Those are the two types of Justin that exist, and just those two.”

On Prime Minister Stephen Harper: “And while Trudeau has been painted as a charismatic pretty boy, no-one has ever said either of those things about Stephen Harper. ‘I love movies and TV shows’ isn’t a statement that wins over voters, it’s what an alien in disguise as a human tells you while trying to fit in at a dinner party.”

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