SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: Can Cas be Cured?


Cas managed to track down the Winchesters after the angels failed to help him with the attack dog spell on last week’s SUPERNATURAL, but what’s the next step?

First, the Winchesters are worried about the disappearance of baby Amara. They’re back at the Men of Letters bunker and Sam has been interviewing the neighbors of Jenna’s grandmother to find out if anyone saw anything. They didn’t, but Cas is adamant that baby Amara is more of a ticking time bomb than a baby. Still, Dean seems eager to jump in and defend her, so is that a result of the “connection” that he and Amara share? Sam thinks that God might be around to help, but Cas believes that God has left the building completely. Then Sam thinks there’s another avenue they can pursue: Metatron. As God’s scribe, they think that he may have information.

Meanwhile, Cas is still suffering the effects of the spell and the only solution may be to find Rowena.

Watch a sneak peek below for an all new episode of SUPERNATURAL on October 20 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. You can also watch a preview and browse through photos for the episode.

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