BONES Sneak Peeks: Twitter Wars and Fantasy Football


Brennan unveils her new book in this week’s BONES and while Booth initially praises it as the best one she’s ever written, he’s flummoxed when she tells him she doesn’t intend to bring back the character Andy from the brink of death. Since she wrote Agent Andy based on him, Booth doesn’t want the character to die.

Meanwhile, when the remains of a real estate agent are found in the forest, Brennan invites forensic anthropologist Dr. Beth Mayer (guest star Betty White) to assist in the investigation. And it turns out that Mayer has an abundance of knowledge about the world of fantasy football, which comes in handy when it’s discovered that fantasy football played a big role in the victim’s life. We also learn that he got into a Twitter feud with NFL star Lou Divers and owed a large sum to the league’s commissioner, which makes them both suspects.

A new episode of BONES airs on October 22 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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