BLINDSPOT Sneak Peek: Weller Versus Weller


Last week on BLINDSPOT, we witnessed the continuing war between the FBI and the CIA. Top officers Mayfair and Carter battled for control of asset Jane Doe as a hostage situation suddenly unfolded at a financial center in downtown Manhattan. After all hell broke loose, Weller and Jane traced the hostage takers to a mysterious room in the basement that turned out to be a CIA black site.

They learned that in the mayhem, some of the hostage takers had sneaked out with the hostage survivors and were a foreign terror cell loose in the city smuggling in cesium to build a destructive “dirty bomb.” One of them was a CIA asset that the CIA’s Carter was intent on protecting. As Weller’s team tracked him down in a graveyard trying to escape with the cesium, Carter emerged with agents to help him escape. Oh, and Carter would like to take Jane Doe, too. Mayfair showed up to counter Carter, and while there was a brief tense standoff, Jane was once again safe.

Later Weller came home to find his estranged father visiting, Weller’s sister hoping that Weller would give his father another chance. Weller refused to see his father and left.

As you will see in the preview video below, the issue of Weller’s father returns in this week’s new episode of BLINDSPOT, “Cede Your Soul.” Weller’s sister shows up at FBI headquarters  to urge Weller to reconcile with his father, who is back in town seeking treatment for an illness he can’t cure, only slow. But Weller is unwilling because he still blames his father for Taylor Shaw’s haunting disappearance.

Also, Weller’s team finds itself working closely with a programmer to disable a risky app that allows criminals to track government vehicles. Meanwhile, Jane and Weller struggle to keep their relationship professional, while agent Zapata has a moral dilemma to resolve.

See the sneak peek below and watch BLINDSPOT tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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