iZOMBIE: Rahul Kohli on Peyton & Ravi’s Search for the Zombie Cure in Season 2


Medical Examiner Ravi is focused on finding more of the cure for zombie-ism in season 2 of iZOMBIE after Liv used both batches he had concocted on Blaine and Major. During a recent visit to the iZOMBIE set in Vancouver, Rahul Kohli explained that Ravi’s “main storyline [has to] do with the cure” in season 2. All the other stuff is just distractions.” But he’s back to square one and has lost his access to the tainted Utopium. At the same time, he’s keeping a close eye on Major and Blaine and watching for their side-effects (which will also be mirrored by the lab rat in the morgue who was also given the cure).

Rahul also explained to reporters that the Ravi-Peyton relationship was meant to be far more detailed than it was in season 1. But because of some scheduling and story issues it became only a small part of last season. So when the pair reunited in last week’s episode, the scene was originally meant to be a platonic goodbye. But when Rahul and Aly Michalka acted out the scene, they infused it with chemistry and now the writers intend to do more with that relationship going forward. “I have no idea where it’s going, but I know that it wasn’t as dead as it was supposed to be.”

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