MINORITY REPORT: The Cast Teases Tonight’s Agatha-Centric Episode

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Agatha’s terrible vision is going to come to pass on MINORITY REPORT, as executive producer Max Borenstein warned reporters during a recent visit to the set in Vancouver. “I can tease that what we’ve been teasing is one hundred percent gonna happen. In the sense that the vision that Agatha has in the beginning [of the show] of the milk bath and them being in the milk bath and Vega being there and the very thing [Agatha’s] so afraid of and has been talking all about and pestering her brothers about. They’re precogs. They see the future. It’s going to come to pass. The question is how, why and what they’re going to do about it. But we’re gonna get there. And we’re gonna get there in episode ten. And it won’t be exactly how people expect it.”

But before we arrive at that moment, quite a bit of backstory is going to be revealed in the next three episodes of MINORITY REPORT, starting with tonight’s episode, which is focused on Agatha.

“It was a really fun episode because the whole time we were out on the island,” Stark Sands (Dash) says. “And the whole episode is basically Agatha, Arthur, Dash and Vega. It’s stripped down. Agatha calls us for help because she experiences a murder for the first time in many years because she’s out in the middle of nowhere and the further you are away from the murders, the less you feel them. And so it’s a big deal when the murder happens in this tiny island. So she calls her brothers to come help. And I show up with Vega in tow and she’s not happy about it. But reluctantly she agrees to let Vega help because it becomes her test of ‘well, let’s see if this person’s really going to betray us or not. But in terms of Vega and Dash and their relationship, it’s always strained. At least so far. It becomes less so towards the end of the season.”

“It’s a big episode for Agatha because you get a lot of her backstory” teases Laura Regan (Agatha). “You see a lot of things that happened when they first arrived on this island, Fiddler’s Neck, and how she went about interacting the community, a certain man that she met and her history with him and so on. So when something happens in the present, she calls Dash for helps. She adores him and she very clearly knows the difference between her two brothers and she knows which ones she can go to for certain needs. She knows her characters very well, and she knows that Dash is the one that just lives to help people. He really just has this one clear purpose. When she needs to help someone out, she calls Dash. And she’s a little bit testy with him, but it comes down to her needing him. So that’s kind of a cool thing for this episode and yeah, she kind of reveals just as much. The sharing with Arthur but not with Dash changes with 1.06.”

Executive producer Max Borenstein reminds us that “as you know, Agatha’s been not exactly supportive of her brother’s relationship with Vega. And [she’s] convinced — for good reason — that Vega’s gonna play a role in them sent back into milk bath in some form and putting their lives at risk. So she ain’t thrilled when [Vega tags along with Dash] happens. But Vega, of course, is also as we know the greatest ally the precogs have. The only person who knows who they are. And thus far proven herself to be trustworthy, albeit [she’s] someone you can argue is exploiting Dash but he’s willing and eager to be exploited for that. These visions are things that haunt him. So Agatha has a very difficult kind of relationship with that but she’s going to have to come to terms with it. And the relationship really is very much about the relationship between the two of them. As the two women in Dash’s life, both protective of him, and both with very different visions for what he should become and very different vision of what role precogs should play in the world and what law enforcement should do and what right Agatha has to be living on an island versus engaging with the world and doing like what Vega tries to do which is help people, at least that’s what she thinks.”

“You have two really strong women with very strong points of view who…I wouldn’t say that they don’t necessarily like each other, but to some degree they kind of don’t like each other,” Megan Good (Vega) explains. “Agatha, has already made up in her mind that Vega is a bad person and setting Dash up and setting the family up is going to be the catalyst to them ending up back in prison. And [then you have] Vega, who is ‘that is something I would never do and she doesn’t know me and she’s judging me and saying this is what it is and she may be seeing that vision but there’s also the Minority Report. What if I’m the Minority Report? And you’re not giving me a chance’. So you see them definitely butt heads a little bit. I don’t want to give away for you what ultimately happens, but what I will say is that the problem is not necessarily solved in the next episode. But they begin to get on a path and…I wouldn’t even say it’s a path where they’re seeing eye to eye….they’re forced to come together for some degree for a moment for something else, but it doesn’t rectify the issue yet.”

The events of the recent episode involving Charlie Peele (played by William Mapother) may lead you to believe that Agatha is kind of evil, but Laura Regan doesn’t see it that way. “I kind of see it as she’s the puppeteer and [Charlie was] her very unwilling puppet but has no choice to submit because she can always see that one step ahead; she’s always got that one thing on him. I think a lot of people were like, ‘Agatha’s bad! Is she evil?’ That was a lot of reaction that I saw on Twitter. I think she’s not evil, she just sees a bigger purpose and a bigger picture and she’s been having this recurring vision that incorporates something terrible happening and her ending up in the milk bath all together. And as we’ve seen this image, she has of Vega overhead. And she has her mind on that bigger thing, and so someone like him, she uses him for what she needs to help the bigger purpose — and if he stalls and gets himself in trouble, that’s his problem.” As for her helping lead him to his death, Laura explains that “the way I read that scene is that if he really hopped to it, he could have made it out. And he stopped and he tried to double-cross her, and she’s like ‘You know, they are on their way. If I were you, I would run’. She’s not straight-up evil, but he was expendable.”

Evil or not, Agatha is going to be on the run very soon herself when she finds her highly-prized privacy jeopardized. “I think I can even go so far as, she’s going to get forced out, she’s going to get snuffed out of her own house, even,” Laura teases. “So she’s going to be on the run and Agatha on the run is a slightly different person, I feel, a slightly different character. She’s has this ‘I’m removed, I don’t see too many visions, I’m safe, I can tell everyone what to do, I can control everything, I can boss everyone around’ [attitude]. But when she’s on the run, she’s out of her element and she doesn’t have that comfort and plus she’s bombarded with all this information of seeing the immediate future of so many people because she’s in the city.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say off her game, but she’ll be shaken.”

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