THE FLASH: Danielle Panabaker and Teddy Sears Talk Caitlin and Jay’s Budding Friendship

the flash

Since Jay Garrick’s arrival from Earth-2 on THE FLASH, Caitlin Snow has clearly had an interest in the former speedster. And while her heart may have been broken at the loss of her beloved Ronnie, it’s possible it could heal with a new relationship.

But are Caitlin and Jay headed for a romance? It’s not entirely clear, but during a recent visit to the set of THE FLASH in Vancouver, we spoke with Danielle Panabaker and Teddy Sears about their characters’ growing friendship and whether there’s something more developing.

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Danielle praised the addition of Teddy to THE FLASH and reiterated that Caitlin really connects with him because he’s “a fellow science nerd”. But she doesn’t know whether Caitlin was “consciously flirting with [Jay]” in the most recent episode, but she thinks they have a natural chemistry. Teddy agrees and thinks that science is something that connects them and will allow them to spend more time together, but wouldn’t go so far as to say they have a flirtation quite yet. “There’s some chemistry there. That said, it’s early days.” And Teddy is right, who knows what could happen between them by the end of season 2!

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