iZOMBIE: David Anders Teases Blaine’s Kingpin Goal and the Return of Robert Knepper


The search for the tainted Utopium is going to play a big role in Blaine’s story in upcoming episodes of iZOMBIE as he tries to get to the root of exactly who is circulating it throughout the city. In a recent visit to the iZOMBIE set in Vancouver, we spoke to David Anders about Blaine’s plans for season 2.

“I think his business plan for this season is to be the Seattle kingpin. To take over for Mr. Boss, a guy he used to be an underling for. That’s his endgame. He wants to run everything…. [Unfortunately,] it proves harder to come by than he initially thought.” Also, Blaine’s quest to be a kingpin is going to put him on a collision course with Peyton, who has returned to town to head up an anti-Utopium task force for the D.A.’s office.

We also got a chance to see Blaine’s father (played by Robert Knepper) in a recent episode and Anders teased that “we’re going to go further down the daddy issues rabbit hole. Although you did learn a lot [in that one scene]….Expect more with Blaine and Robert Knepper and some other people and Robert Knepper. Because when you have Robert Knepper, you want to maximize. You want to use him as much as you can.”

Meanwhile, expect to see Blaine and Liv team up soon. “They have a common foe,” Anders explained. This will take place in the “magician brain” episode that is coming up in a few weeks. And while they still hate each other, team mates don’t need to like each other to “win the game.”

Watch our full interview with Anders below and tune in to new episodes of iZOMBIE on Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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