LIMITLESS Sneak Peek: The Mysteries of NZT


Brian Finch has amazing powers using NZT, but he finds it can’t solve every problem.

Sometimes NZT gives Brian amazing powers of observation and the ability to process information quickly. Like last week on LIMITLESS when he learned several weeks’ worth of swat combat training in days. Or sorting through thousands of cell phone numbers in seconds while the team was trying to identify a meth house in an urban housing project. It also helped him build the scenario for talking a  witness into turning his brother in to the FBI: Chris was reluctant to give up his brother, who was part of a terrorist cell building a dirty bomb, but Brian told Chris what he wanted to hear and Chris bought it — resulting in the FBI capturing Chris’ brother but also in Chris being shot and killed. Suddenly it was a power Brian didn’t felt good about anymore.

And sometimes NZT leads to trouble for Brian, like when Senator Morra’s agent Sands demanded that Brian get him the FBI’s confidential files on the NZT or risk not getting inoculation shots. Last week, after Brian discovered that Agent Harris’ father had been on NZT before dying, he felt conflicted over whether to share the files with Harris. If she found out Brian had stolen the files, she could send him to federal prison. But Harris felt moved by artwork her father had created and realized her father was on NZT more than once, then wondered where he got the drug. Brian wanted to help her find out and asked Sands for copies of the files, giving them to Harris despite the risk.

This week on LIMITLESS, Brian’s health and mental acuity begin to falter from the NZT, and Senator Morra wants Brian to betray Agent Harris before he can get another inoculation. So Brian searches for another cure while he helps Agent Harris work outside the FBI to look for clues to the mysteries of her father’s unusual death and his source for NZT.

Watch the sneak peek below and be sure to tune in to LIMITLESS on October 27 at 10:00 p.m on CBS. And in case you didn’t already know, LIMITLESS has been picked up for a full first season.

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