ARROW: Neal McDonough Teases What’s Next for Damien Darhk


Neal McDonough has been enjoying his role as the villainous Damien Darhk on season 4 of ARROW and during a recent visit to the set in Vancouver, we spoke to McDonough about Darhk’s powers, his interactions with Malcolm Merlyn, his opinion on Oliver running for mayor and more of what’s to come with Darhk in season 4:

  • Damien loves Oliver’s mayoral plans at first “because he thinks he can use Oliver as his pawn. But he finds out rather quickly that pawn is not for sale and it certainly sets me off and makes [Darhk] do some horribly dark things.”
  • McDonough thinks that Damien Darhk is one of the looniest villains he’s ever played and you will see him “have fun in the first third of the season, just kind of messing with everyone.”
  • As the season progresses, we’ll learn that “Darhk has a finite amount of time to take over the world. As the season progresses, he starts to unravel.”
  • We will see Darhk interacting more with other people in Oliver’s life. “It’s no holds barred after a little while. I take things from his life and he takes things from my life.”
  • There are no currently limits to Darhk’s powers. “At this point, you just can’t beat him. There’s nothing [other characters] can do.”
  • Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn will share a “lovely little fight scene” in the October 28 episode. “But he has something coming back for me which I can’t tell you, which is just fantastic.”

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Watch our full interview with McDonough below and tune in to a new episode of ARROW on October 28 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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