ARROW: Paul Blackthorne Talks Sara’s Resurrection, Darhk’s Hold Over Lance and More in Season 4


Quentin Lance has been working with Damien Darhk, much to the surprise of ARROW fans. And the villain has certainly backed the noble police detective into a corner. In addition, his daughter — Sara — is once again back from the dead, leaving the Lances to face an emotional episode this week. During a recent visit to the ARROW set in Vancouver, we spoke to Paul Blackthorne about what’s coming next for Quentin Lance:

  • Stephen Amell teased that Oliver’s announcement to Lance that he’s running for mayor leads to a great scene and Blackthorne confirmed that he was right (and that the scene contains a “great line”). Blackthorne also went on to say that he thinks Lance is actually proud of Oliver for trying to become mayor, because he’s stepping in to the spotlight in order to accomplish something good for the city.
  • Blackthorne reiterated that Laurel and her father are generally doing “alright” this season. “No drunky dramas. Everyone’s on the straight and narrow.”
  • Don’t expect to see Lance reach out to Dinah with the news that Sara is still alive. Now that she’s living with “Jeffrey”, Lance has put her out of his mind.
  • Blackthorne says that the revelation that Lance is working with Darhk will come out in this week’s episode and that Oliver confronting him about this alliance is a “fantastic scene”.
  • This week’s episode, titled “Beyond Redemption” is “a bit of a heavy episode” and Lance pulls a gun on his daughter, afraid that she’ll never be the Sara he knew and loved again now that she’s been resurrected.  “It seems like he’s doing the best for her by putting her down, so to speak.”

Watch our full interview with Blackthrone below and tune in to a new episode of ARROW on October 28 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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