CHICAGO FIRE Recap: A House in Trouble

chicago fire

On this week’s episode of CHICAGO FIRE, the problems facing  House 51 got worse. The internal affairs investigation against the firefighters involved in putting out a crack-house fire came to a head, as well as the political decision about whether to initiate an arson investigation against one of RealEstate’s biggest names. Despite the personal problem, two tough cases kept the firefighters and EMT’s focused on their jobs: saving lives.

The first call from the dispatcher involved a man with his leg crushed under a moving storage unit. Pressure was on as the EMTs and firefighters worked in tandem to try and stabilize the victim while simultaneously releasing his leg. Unfortunately, CRUSH syndrome set in, and to save his life they had to amputate the leg with a help of a trauma surgeon. The man was saved and his wife was so grateful that she came back to the 51 with a very pertinent gift.

The gift she brought was a much needed video of the crack-house fire. Under heavy investigation from the brass, the chief was unable to find any evidence or witness to back up their story that the street was blocked by cars, preventing the team from properly putting out the fire. With the surfacing of this video, House 51 was cleared.

Meanwhile Brett has continued to visit the baby she and Chile delivered previously, drawing the attention of the chief. She promises she will walk away, and she does, but not before finding the babies father and ensuring it has a life outside of an orphanage.

However, peace doesn’t last long as the team is called out on yet another emergency. A family is trapped in an elevator 300ft above the floor. With the young girl inside in mortal danger from an asthma attack, the firefighters act quickly to save them. They build a makeshift bridge into the side of the elevator, and walk (very perilously) across one by one. With a few close calls, they family makes it out safe and sound.

Finally, the last problem for House 51 is confronted when Gabby brings sufficient evidence to her arson chief that the fire at the crack house was indeed arson, but he doesn’t file for interrogation or investigate. The man accused is a huge name in RealEstate, and is even represented by Severide’s new lawyer girlfriend. Gabby decides to take the case to her old chief at the firehouse and together they go back to her office looking for the files. But those files are nowhere to be found, both the electric and paper copies have disappeared. This wasn’t the most troubling news though, because just as they realize the files are missing, Gabby cries out in pain. She immediately grabs her stomach and claims that something is wrong with the baby.

Tune in next week to see if Gabby and her baby survive, and if the arsonist will be brought to justice. The next new episode of CHICAGO FIRE airs November 5 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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