THE LIBRARIANS Preview: Go Behind the Scenes of Season 2

the librarians

THE LIBRARIANS is returning with all new adventures for our intrepid heroes in its second season this weekend and TNT has put together a behind the scenes look at the fantasy action series.

“THE LIBRARIANS is bigger and better this year,” says Christian Kane. Noah Wylie goes on to explain that “there’s a lot more missions, there’s a lot more jeopardy. The fate of the world is at stake.”

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“Part of what’s so fun about this show is that there are no limits as to what we can do,” praises Lindy Booth. Check out the featurette below, which teases several scenes from the upcoming season (and includes a Jake vs. Jake fight, time loops, tentacle monsters, magical orbs, possible robots from the future and lots of running). And here’s an interesting tidbit from the video: the character of Prospero from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” has managed to “raise from the pages of books the worst team of villains from the history of fiction to battle the Librarians,” according to Wylie. Yikes!

THE LIBRARIANS returns with a two-hour season premiere beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on November 1 on TNT.

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  • Mary E Brewer

    WOO HOO.. time is getting close for Season 2 of The Librarians with my favorite Christian Kane.. going to be a great season! Thanks for sharing!