THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Preview: Dare To Have A Ball

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Halloween is nearing and very little is scarier than an angry Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder)…unless you count his vengeful mother, Lily (guest star Annie Wersching).

Having ripped the heart out of Lily’s favorite Heretic, Malcolm, Damon is now in deeper hot water with his mom than before.  He and Stefan began feigning fighting so Stefan could gather intel about where Lily hid Elena’s coffin and her other dastardly machinations.

Damon’s next move in the battle of wits was to find escaped Heretic, Oscar (guest star Tim Kang) and trade him for Elena.  It was a good plan until Valerie (guest star Elizabeth Blackmore) ripped out Oscar’s heart to prevent him from telling Lily how to locate the evil Julian.

So what is an angry Salvatore vampire to do when his plan goes awry?  Resuscitate Oscar with the Phoenix Stone, of course.  Damon uses the talisman to reanimate the stoner Heretic with some interesting results and sparks some unwanted attention from Mary Louise (guest star Teressa Liane) and Nora (guest star Scarlett Byrne).

Last week, Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Alaric (Matt Davis) decided to use the stone to bring Jo back from the dead, but something may happen that will leave their world turned upside down. 

Different complications may arise when Enzo (Michael Malarkey), suspicious of Valerie, makes it his goal to find out what she is hiding.

And what is the witching season without a Heaven & Hell Ball?  Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice King) spend the evening trying to distract the Heretic women at the Whitmore College event. 

With Caroline’s skin still emitting vervain, perhaps Paul Wesley will be able to avoid another dance scene.   Wesley told this year’s Comic-Con that dance scenes, which are shot without music for technical reasons, are difficult to do with no melody.

Will Oscar remain alive-but-dead?  Will Paul Wesley avoid another dreaded dance sequence?  What will everyone wear to the Heaven & Hell Ball?  These pressing questions will be answered in Thursday night’s episode, “I Carry Your Heart With Me,” which was written by Neil Reynolds and directed by Jeffrey Hunt.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES also stars Zach Roerig as Matt Donovan and also guest stars Jacob Garcia, Tierney Mumford, Heather Schell, Alan Wells and Marisol Correa.

You can also check out a live Q&A with Michael Malarkey on Facebook today (October 28) at 5:45pm ET/2:45pm PT.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES airs on October 29 night at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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