We Shine The Spotlight on QUANTICO Actress Anabelle Acosta


Anabelle Acosta stars on ABC’s breakout fall hit, QUANTICO. The show follows the lives of of the FBI’s newest recruits, the NAT’s. The show shifts between their early days training and present day, where Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) is suspected by the FBI as a national terrorist. Acosta plays Natalie Vasquez, a competitive and ruthless ex-cop, FBI trainee. I caught up with the talented actress about her character Natalie, what training scenes were the most fun to film, and what we can look forward to on tonight’s episode.

What was your initial reaction to reading the QUANTICO scripts? What drew you to Natalie as a character?

I loved the complexity of the writing, and flashbacks and flash forwards of the show. I was drawn to Natalie because of her strength and the layers she has as a character. She’s awesome to play.

Aside from Natalie, which character are you most excited to learn more about this season?

I’m excited to learn more about Caleb’s (Graham Rogers) character and what ends up happening with his relationship with his father.

Will we learn more about Natalie’s past? Will we learn more about her life as a cop, pre-QUANTICO?

Yes, things from Natalie’s past like the issue with her daughter and a boyfriend she had back in Laredo will be revealed as the season progresses. Some things about our characters stories we find out as we shoot and get scripts the writers and creators like to keep us in suspense.

What can you tell us about this week’s episode?

This week’s episode focuses on mostly surveillance. There’s also some steamy sexy scenes you don’t want to miss.

Which QUANTICO exercise scenes were your favorite to film. They look incredibly intricate and fun. Any stand out as your favorite?

The pool one was challenging. Being handcuffed underwater was really challenging yet fun at the same time.

What shows are you loving on TV right now?

I’m a big fan of THE LEFTOVERS on HBO.

You can watch Anabelle on an all new episode of QUANTICO tonight at 10:00 on ABC.

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