BLINDSPOT Preview: Danger in Hiding


While Jane Doe’s tattoos have remained relevant, lately they haven’t been the main focus of the writers on BLINDSPOT. We’ve been focusing on the growing relationship between Jane Doe and Agent Weller, which last week both Assistant Director Mayfair and Jane’s counselor questioned. Is it professional enough to protect them while in action?

Meanwhile, Agent Zapata ran out of time to pay off her mounting debt to her bookie and just managed to pay him off — but where did the envelope of money come from, and can she stay away from betting as she claims she can? The bookie is betting not!

And after Weller and Jane spent the episode protecting a teenage hacker from the Russian mafia, Weller returned to find his estranged father still in his home. Weller was angry at first, until his sister forced him to sit down with his father and tell him about Taylor Shaw. When his father learned that Taylor Shaw is still alive, his father showed deep gratitude, suggesting he had no role in Shaw’s disappearance. Oh, and that teen that Jane and Weller rescued? Turns out she was aware enough of tattoos to know that the large black patches on Jane’s body aren’t hiding tattoos; they’re a special kind of tattoo, requiring Weller’s team to revisit all of Jane’s body art to see what they may have missed.

In this week’s episode, we learn that Assistant FBI Director Mayfair has been lying about a number appearing on Jane’s body. It corresponds to an FBI file on a dangerous man hiding out at a remote location, and tonight Jane and Weller travel to meet him. When it’s evident no one is meant to leave the location with this dangerous man, Jane realizes she and Weller must use the clues on her body to get out alive. Shots will be fired.

Watch the preview below and catch a new episode of BLINDSPOT on November 1 at 10:00 p.m. on NBC.

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