NCIS: LOS ANGELES Sneak Peek: Loyalty Above All

NCIS LA Photo s7e6 Unspoken

Movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn once said, “I’ll take 50% efficiency to get 100% loyalty.”  Thus is the value of commitment.

A former Navy SEAL, Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) takes the issue of allegiance very seriously.  Partnerships can be difficult under the best of circumstances, and being an agent at NCIS: LOS ANGELES requires 100% loyalty to be efficient.

Sam and Callen (Chris O’Donnell) have been partners for over eight years and still are learning things about each other.  However, there is no question about the loyalty between the two agents to each other and to the team.

But Sam may have a difference of opinion with the team about his first NCIS partner, Mark Ruiz (guest star Anthony Riuvivar), when Ruiz is implicated on video footage of an explosion.  Ruiz, now a freelance ATF asset, appears to be detonating a bomb. 

ATF suspects that Sam’s former partner is responsible for the explosion, but Sam disputes the assumption, even though Ruiz’s stint as an undercover operative on a case that involves military grade explosives is questionable.

When Ruiz disappears while buying a bomb, Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) asks Sam if Mark’s “deep cover” status may have affected his judgment.  Sam assures Deeks and Kensi (Daniela Ruah) that there is no way that Ruiz could be involved in something shady. 

Callen, knowing that Ruiz used to be an addict, is not quite as sure.

When Eric (Barrett Foa) finds additional footage of Ruiz walking away from the blast with what seems to be a case full of money, the team wonders if the former NCIS agent may not warrant Sam’s loyalty.

NCIS: LOS ANGELES also stars Linda Hunt, Renée Felice Smith and Miguel Ferrer.  Other guest stars on tonight’s episode, “Unspoken,” are Andrew T. Lee, JB Tadena, Arlene Santana, Stacey Hinnen, Eugene Shaw, Aiden Lew Andowski. 

“Unspoken” was written by Erin Broadhurst and Executive Producer, Frank Military, and was directed by Diana C. Valentine.

NCIS: LOS ANGELES airs on November 2 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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