We Shine The Spotlight on JANE THE VIRGIN Star Brett Dier


It’s not hard to fall in love with Michael Cordero from The CW’s fan favorite, JANE THE VIRGIN. He’s kind, endearing, a bad-ass when necessary, oh and he rescued Jane’s baby. Over the course of the twenty-something episodes in the shows run we’ve seen an incredible amount of growth from our favorite detective. The man behind this fearless character is the incredibly talented, Brett Dier. I caught up with the hilarious and exceedingly nice actor about his initial reaction to reading the Pilot, his character Michael, and what we show’s he is loving on TV right now.

Now in it’s second season and stronger than ever. Did you ever think looking back at the first time you read the Pilot people would love the show as much as they do? What was your initial reaction to reading it?

I honestly had no ideabecause I try not to expect anything in this industry because when you expect things you tend to get heartbroken. (Laughs) I tried to just take it as a job, one day at a time. I knew that the Pilot was really good but I tried not to hope for anything more than just doing a goo Pilot. I didn’t want to be heartbroken if it didn’t get picked up, but I knew the Pilot was really interesting and a different kind of show than anything I’ve ever seen or read.

Michael isn’t the stereotypical detective that you usually see on TV. He’s very soft spoken and easy going. What drew you to him as a character?

Michael’s a really interesting character, he’s a detective but he’s also a very vulnerable guy. He’s not just a straightforward, “here’s some information” type of guy. The moments with Jane are really important to show that side, and the moments with his detective work he has to be very intense about things. That balance was really cool to figure out, that was one thing I was excited to do. People say he’s like a puppy dog, but when it comes to his detective work he doesn’t turn into a puppy he’s like a different kind of dog. (Laughs) Finding those two things was really cool to do, I just love telling Michael’s story, I’ve never been this close to a character before in my life. Playing a character for almost two years is really kind of cool.

How do you think Michael has grown since the first season? I mean do you think if she doesn’t choose him that he could ever move on?

I think he’s grown a lot; he’s become more secure going through this. The whole pregnancy thing made him really insecure in his head about everything but now he’s more secure. But I don’t think his love for Jane is ever going to go away. He can still love his life and move on if she doesn’t choose him, he’ll be okay but he will always care about his person and I think that’s selfless love. That doesn’t exist too often and I think Michael has that selfless love towards Jane, it’s like love without possession.

Obviously you’re a bit biased but who do you think would be the better match for Jane? Rafael (Justin Baldoni) or Michael?

(Laughs) Honestly I think that Michael is better for Jane. Rafael’s a great dude, I love Rafael! I mean, Brett loves Rafael, Michael hates Rafael. (Laughs) I think he knows her more and he’s always been there, even through the worst things. Not a lot of people would bounce back when something happens like this in a relationship. He doesn’t have to still be there, he could have been mad and could have just forget about her, because he’s a selfless person he’s going to help her no matter what. I think Jane needs somebody like that in her life. Michael and Jane’s life couldn’t get worst, going forward he’ll always be there because it’s already been at it’s worst.

Clearly Michael has a tougher side when he’s doing his detective work, what can you tease about the the Sin Rostro case. Will we see anything crazy with Rose (Bridget Regan) in the coming episodes?

This season is pretty intense! I think Michael’s personal life gets the lowest it could possibly can. It couldn’t get any worse. The Sin Rostro story develops to a point that becomes insane. Lots of twists and turns. It’s definitely a dangerous place for Michael to be.

Petra’s (Yael Grobglas) having a baby. What was the reaction to that during the read through, it must have come as a shock to all of you on the show? What was the reaction to that storyline during the read-through?

I started laughing (Laughs) because how can more stuff go down? Justin who plays Rafael was really surprised. Everyone had a lot of different reactions.

What shows are you loving on TV right now?

Being my girlfriend just started VEEP, that’s really great. Do you watch that show?

I do! It’s so great.

It’s so good! I love it, I really love LOUIE, that’s one of my favorite shows of all time. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and BREAKING BAD were my two favorite shows, and I started watching BOJACK HORSEMAN. I think RICK AND MORTY is the best cartoon ever made, and SOUTH PARK, because I love nasty humor.

You can watch Brett on JANE THE VIRGIN tonight at 9:00 on The CW.

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