NCIS: NEW ORLEANS Sneak Peeks: Mother’s Day

NCIS NOLA photo s2e7 Broken Hearted

NCIS: NEW ORLEANS has introduced viewers to Dwayne’s (Scott Bakula) daughter, Lasalle’s (Lucas Black) brother and Loretta’s (CCH Pounder) foster sons.

Tonight, we learn more about Meredith Brody’s (Zoe McLellan) family when Annie Potts (DESIGNING WOMEN) arrives on the scene as Merri’s mom, Olivia.

Olivia Brody, Chief Tech Officer for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, aka DARPA, arrives on the scene when Max ‘PINZ0’ Pinzon (Benjamin Papac), a young Navy coder, has his heart transplant surgery compromised by theft.

The civilian cryptologic technician, PINZ0, explains to NCIS: NEW ORLEANS that his rare blood group makes finding another heart a 4-million-to-1 chance.  Given the odds and his medical condition, Max has about 3 months to live.

One possibility for the heist may point to another person who needs the same rare heart for transplant.  But just as likely a candidate for the theft may be something more dire for the military.

Since a cryptologic technician’s job duties often involve analysis of complex digital communications, technical guidance for weapons systems and classified responsibilities regarding Navy ships and submarines, the inability to replace the young genius’s heart may point to an assassination attempt. 

But the real dynamic tonight is Brody’s relationship with her mother.  There will be plenty of mother-daughter tension and viewers may recognize facets of life with their own moms, including the admonishment to “stand up straight.” 

Meredith’s reaction to her mother’s comment is so strained that when Lasalle asks, the tone in Merri’s voice is enough to shut him down…a funny rarity.

NCIS: NEW ORLEANS also stars Rob Kerkovich, Shalita Grant, Daryl “Chill” Mitchell and CCH Pounder.  Other guest stars on tonight’s episode, “Broken Hearted,” are Wes Cannon, Jannette Sepwa, Jesse Malinowski, Cariella Smith, Janeline Condez Hayes, Caroline Fourmy, Savannah Desormeaux and Michael A. Howell.

“Broken Hearted” was written by Zach Strauss and Greta Heinemann and directed by Elodie Keene.

NCIS: NEW ORLEANS airs on November 3 on CBS at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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