CHICAGO FIRE Recap: A Family Matter

chicago fire

This week’s CHICAGO FIRE was an emotional one, as one of Firehouse 51’s own was put under the knife, while Molly’s was put under legal inspection. The medical side of things started last week, where CHICAGO FIRE left viewers with a view of Gabby hunched over her stomach in pain, claiming that something was wrong with the baby.

We pick up right where that left off on this week’s episode with Gabby being rushed to the hospital and needing two surgeries (the second due to complications) to try and save her and the baby. Unfortunately, the baby didn’t make it. The fetus was growing outside of the uterus and was therefore not a viable pregnancy. But Gabby was fine, physically, and she received support from Matt and the rest of the squad, most significantly from Herman as he shared his story about him and his wife having a miscarriage with their first pregnancy. She will hopefully recover soon and be back to work on the arson investigation.

Speaking of arson, any leads on arresting the serial arsonist is was put on hold when the files went missing from the offices, but was soon remedied as Severide brought in (on a tip from his ex, possibly soon to be not-ex, girlfriend) a computer wizard to track who took the electronic files. The investigation is causing the arson chief to act suspiciously, and when Kelley confronts him, the chief denies involvement. However, hours later the chief is found sitting on the edge of a bridge after having sent the stolen documents to the firehouse. Guilt about covering for the arsonist, who they believe to be a very well-off real-estate tycoon, causes the investigator to jump, with Severide jumping quickly enough after to save drag him to shore.

Severide had quite the day when even before jumping in the river, a young boy was trapped in a bouncy castle while the ground around him built up electrical energy and fire sparked from the power lines above. Severide and the team built a makeshift bridge above ground from various wooden products, and were able to rescue the young boy in time. In another valiant rescue, Chile and Brett were able to save a man who was about to undergo an autopsy when he sat up. Due to a heart arrhythmia he was diagnosed dead in the field, and when being transported to the morgue’s autopsy table sat up, and when the paramedics were called they used a make-shift pacemaker to keep him alive until arriving at the hospital.

Finally, not only did Firehouse 51 bond together as a family over Gabby and Matt’s ordeal, but the loss of Molly’s hit them hard as well. The new Portland neighbors were able to get Molly’s shut down on a code violation, but the new candidate is the hero of this story. He brought his cousin in to look at the bar, and they decided that the bar has been around long enough, and was made with material rare enough, that Molly’s qualifies as a historic building. The squad gathered in the safe-haven disguised as a bar, with cheers to Gabby’s health and the bar’s continued existence.

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