THE FLASH Recap: Barry Goes On A Date and Harry Is a Jerk

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For 90% of last night’s THE FLASH, I was set on the title for this recap being “Harry is a jerk and he shouldn’t be trusted”. But that changed after watching that last scene with Zoom. I am still not sure we can trust him, but that final scene revealed that Harrison Wells from Earth Two has a very valid reason for wanting to take down Zoom. The villain has his daughter locked up and is threatening to kill them both. I’d say Wells’ motivation is pretty solid, wouldn’t you?

That said, I still think he is a jerk. But he is an entertaining jerk and his scenes with Cisco – or Crisco, like he kept calling him – were probably one of the highlights of last night’s episode. I particularly enjoyed how they managed to reveal Cisco’s secret with Wells’ gadget and how Harry was such a pompous jerk about it. Do you know that character that you love to hate? Mission accomplished, Harry. You may or may not be evil, but I am already pretty fond of you.

Also, how ironic was that line from Caitlin about how she doubts any of them would ever be able to turn evil if they ever got powers? Considering she is supposed to be Killer Frost, it does ring as ridiculously ironic, right? Or maybe Killer Frost is Cait from Earth Two. Do we know anything about that? I am not at all versed in comic book canon, but that could be a pretty solid explanation and it would explain why Harry’s watch didn’t identify Caitlin as a metahuman.

Last night’s THE FLASH introduced a new breacher – a.k.a a metahuman from Earth Two – called Dr. Light. She has the power to manipulate light and is a petty thief, really, so when they first hear about her, Jay tells Barry he can totally reason with her; that she is not a killer. Yeah, that didn’t go over very well because Barry recognized her as Linda Park, a girl he used to date back in season 1, who also works with Iris. Dr. Light’s reaction to that is to blind Barry and, after finding out about her counterpart, she goes after Linda at the newspaper she works at to kill her and take over her life. Iris manages to shoot her and distract her enough for Earth One Linda to escape, but Dr. Light still kills their boss.

While Dr. Light was just an average foe, this plot served as a platform launch for several other storylines. We finally got to see more of Jay Garrick and – while I am not super crazy about him – it was great to find out more about Earth Two. I am still on the fence on this relationship between Caitlin and Jay that they are trying to sell us, but I like their interaction just fine.

Barry finally steps up and asks Patty out, but Dr. Light blinds him – which, thanks to his super powers, is only temporary – and he has two options: cancel on Patty or go to their first date anyway, even blind. That leads to probably one of the best scenes of the season so far, because Cisco is guiding him through a camera attached to the sunglasses Barry is wearing and the whole thing is just hilarious and adorable and I swear my cheeks were hurting from smiling so much. God, they are so cute together.

And last, but definitely not least, Cisco’s secret is out. The team was surprisingly cool about it – I honestly thought they would give him a a bit more of a hard time for keeping it a secret – and they even picked out a cool name for him already: Vibe. Also, for the record? I freakin’ love Cisco. I can’t even tell you how much. He is one of my favorite characters ever and I absolutely love his sense of humor. He even scored a date last night with LEGENDS OF TOMORROW’s Kendra Saunders, who will turn out to be Hawk Girl. I can’t wait to find out where they are taking this character and I am so glad he has a juicy plot of his own this season.

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