THE BIG BANG THEORY Sneak Peeks: The Trouble with Emotions

the big bang theory

THE BIG BANG THEORY returns to its home on Thursday nights after a short stint on Mondays.

Last week saw Leonard and Sheldon breaking university rules to seek badly needed supplies of helium for an experiment, because their traditional supply was on back order. They met a dealer of elicit helium in an underground garage and paid a premium price for it, only to feel guilty and try to return it, this time for a premium restocking fee. Barry Kripke offered to let them have his helium if they put his name on their paper, which led Sheldon and Leonard to meet the elicit dealer in the underground garage and once again pay an exorbitant price.

Meanwhile, Penny and Bernadette tried to help Amy solve her dating problem. Raj showed them the dating app he’d been using and they downloaded it for Amy, only to make fun of the people she was attracting and Amy started to feel guilty. Turned out she’d already been dating and not telling anyone, and the group couldn’t believe they didn’t know. “It’s new and weird, and I didn’t want you to get excited about it.” She was just experimenting, mostly just going out for coffee. Poor Amy.

This week in “The Spock Resonance,” Sheldon is being interviewed for a documentary about STAR TREK’s iconic science officer, Mr. Spock. The episode guest stars Adam Nimoy, son of the late Leonard Nimoy who played the original Spock, and Wil Wheaton of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. Nimoy is looking for people to interview about Spock’s impact on culture, and Wheaton suggests Sheldon “is gold” — as the preview videos show, he’s not mistaken.  Not unlike Spock, Sheldon struggles to suppress his emotions as he confronts the breakup of his relationship with Amy. In a neighborhood not far away, Howard and Bernadette are remodeling his childhood home and they can’t even agree on which room begin redecorating.

Watch the clips below and catch THE BIG BANG THEORY as it returns to Thursdays on November 5 at 8:00 p.m. on CBS.

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