BLINDSPOT Sneak Peek: The Intrigue Continues


Intrigue within the government comes to a head on BLINDSPOT. We’ve discovered that Assistant FBI Director Mayfair has been keeping secrets from the team, but we still don’t yet know how many secrets.

Last week, Special Agent Weller forced Mayfair to share a secret file that linked to a number in one of Jane Doe’s tattoos. Mayfair said it led to a former informant – Saul Guerrero – who had gone into hiding, but she didn’t know where. Researcher Patterson uncovered a new clue that led them to Guerrero’s hideout in the deep backwoods of Northern Michigan. The team hunted down Guerrero, who was protected by anti-government secessionists, and the team’s only way to return to NYC with Guerrero was using clues mysteriously distributed in the backwoods and in Jane’s tattoos. Finally returning to FBI headquarters, Weller learned that Mayfair was once again lying. During interrogation, Guerrero showed he didn’t know who Mayfair was, and under pressure Mayfair reluctantly disclosed that Guerrero is part of the mysterious Daylight project, which only four people know about.

The promotional clip at the end left us wondering, how deep does the Daylight conspiracy run? “What aren’t you telling me?” Weller demanded from Mayfair. And ultimately, he asked her, “What if I turn you in?”

This week, Weller’s team investigates a series of police killings — a lengthy list of “incidents” in the 65th precinct. And they appear to link to a clue in one of Jane Doe’s tattoos which was also spray painted on the police car at one of the cop killings: “Butcher and Butchers.” The precinct is known in the community as The Brooklyn Butchers and the tattoo on Jane’s body is a butcher’s knife with a 65 on it. And there’s a target on it. Jane’s question is the essence of the BLINDSPOT mystery: “How could the people who did this to me have predicted these cop killings?”

Watch the sneak peek below and catch BLINDSPOT on November 9 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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