PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Preview: It’s Happening Again

pretty little liars

It took 130 episodes for “A” to be unmasked, but PRETTY LITTLE LIARS is far from over. When the show returns from its hiatus in January, we’re jumping ahead five years.

Based on glimpses into the “5 years forward” return, we know that the girls are being called back to Rosewood as Charlotte is up for release. Alison — now a teacher — is writing to each of her friends to ask them to be sympathetic to Charlotte, as she has become close to her sister in the last five years. But are the girls prepared to forgive Charlotte/”A” after all of the torment she put them through? And what about everything the girls have been up to in the meantime? “A lot has happened — good, bad, and ugly, but all of it was uncontaminated by ‘A'” teases Troian Bellisario.

New previews for the show’s return reveals that something new and even more twisted will be haunting the girls as they return to Rosewood. “This season’s just going to take everybody on a whole new ride. There’s a whole new set of problems that the girls are having to deal with,” says Shay Mitchell.

Don’t miss the winter premiere of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS on January 12 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family (which will then be called Freeform).


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