CASTLE Recap: Castle Goes Rogue


After a two week hiatus, CASTLE returns with a hilarious new episode complete with a kid genius, Castle aiding and abetting a criminal, and criminals defeated by show-tunes. Unfortunately for Castle and Beckett fans, Kate was absent from this episode, Esposito informing viewers that she is out of town for a few days.

The case was set in motion when an old friend comes to see Richard, Ethan Slaughter, and claims that he has been working a recent robbery in town of a very high tech firm. The police are brought in on this when the suspect in the robbery, Victor Lee, is found dead, with the last call on the victim’s phone and fingerprints on the murder weapon belonging to none other than Ethan Slaughter. Despite the warnings of Esposito and Ryan, Castle believes that Slaughter is innocent.

Going on the run to try and solve the murder, Richard and Slaughter discover that Lee had a partner in his attempt to steal a very valuable microchip from the high tech firm, and it turns out that partner is a 16 year old kid who Lee had been mentoring. Traveling to the mentor program, Slaughter and Castle speak to the director and its turns out the kid has an IQ of 190.

When Espo and Ryan finally catch up to the rogue PI and his friend, they arrest Slaughter for the murder of Lee, but immediately after Castle steals the keys and drives off with Slaughter in the back of the squad, and they proceed to find Lewis the kid genius. When they finally track Lewis to an abandoned warehouse, there are several men with guns ready to kill our two favorite rogue investigators. However, calling upon Slaughter’s musical theatre major in college (despite his burly exterior)  Castle begins to sing a show tune, complete with finger snaps. When Slaughter joins in, the gunmen are distracted long enough for Castle and Slaughter to initiate a fight and disarm the criminals.

As the case comes to a close, with Lewis back at the station with the microchip safely recovered, the head of the high-tech firm reveals that another 15 million dollars was stolen. This means there was another thief in the building after Lewis and Lee. After some digging, it turns out that the man who runs the mentor program that match Lee and Lewis used to work for the building owner, and was seeking revenge. After Lee confronted him after the robbery claiming to change his mind, the man murdered Lee to keep him quite. And justice is served.

The case itself was wrapped up nicely, but Castle and Beckett’s marriage is not and their separation is still weighing heavily on both their minds. Next week we’ll see if they can mend their relationship or if a divorce is on the horizon for this crime-solving team. Catch the next episode of CASTLE on November 16, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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