FRESH OFF THE BOAT Sneak Peeks: Eddie’s Birthday

fresh off the boat

It’s Eddie’s birthday on this week’s episode of FRESH OFF THE BOAT, but this year it looks like he wants to celebrate without his parent’s, and their special “birthday noodles.” Eddie proceeds to host his own birthday celebration at the mall with his friends (and Mitch) but his parents are none-too-pleased when they find out.

Eddie claims that he only had the party because he wanted to celebrate with people he can be himself around, something he can’t do at his own home because of all the strict rules in place. Jessica and Lewis discuss this revelation and decide to lighten up, even allowing Eddie to sleep over at his friend Dave’s house.

In other news, it also appears that Emery and Evan will seek their parents’ misplaced attention on Eddie for themselves by acting up and misbehaving. See how the Huang family deals with this by watching an all new FRESH OFF THE BOAT on November 10 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC!

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