SUPERNATURAL: Mark Sheppard Talks Crowley, Amara, Hell, Rowena, Dean and the Fans


The self-proclaimed King of Hell, Crowley, is the one character you should never underestimate on SUPERNATURAL. AIn fact, he’s probably the one villain who never underestimated his opponents, which is likely why he’s lasted when all other villains have fallen prey to the Winchesters. Always one to manipulate an opportunity to his favor, Crowley recently found Amara — the manifestation of the newly released Darkness — and brought her into the fold. But can he control her for long? That’s the question that will be answered when Crowley returns to the show in this week’s episode. And during a recent visit to the set of SUPERNATURAL in Vancouver, we spoke with Mark Sheppard about the King of Hell, his relationship with Amara, whether Crowley has any fears and the show’s remarkable fans.

“I think Crowley is the first person to notice what Amara is. Or what she might be,” Sheppard said cryptically when asked about Crowley’s newest ally. But is he frightened of this primordial force? “I don’t think Crowley is afraid of anybody. I think he’s very cautious and wary. And always believes that there is never a situation that he can’t control or get out of.”

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In the season premiere we got wind of some rumblings in Lucifer’s cage. But don’t think that has Crowley worried either. If the Darkness can’t scare him, then Luci doesn’t either. What does have the power to worry him is the perception that the “peasants are revolting”. He’s unhappy that rumblings in the cage could mean “we’re back to the Abaddon situation, where there’s going to be perceptions of difficulty in the old homestead.”

Regarding the ongoing feud between Rowena and Crowley, Sheppard thinks that Crowley still hasn’t forgotten the predicament his mother left him in at the end of season 10. But will he kill her? That’s to be determined. Certainly Crowley is looking out for himself, but if Rowena proves herself valuable to his agenda then he may be fine with keeping her around…for the time being, at least.

As for the bromance between Dean and Crowley, Dean may have distanced himself from his former demon buddy but “it’s not over until Crowley says it’s over”. And what is it about Dean that fascinates Crowley so much? “He makes different choices from Crowley. He has loyalties that don’t make any sense to Crowley whatsoever. I mean, they sort of do and they sort of don’t. He’s a great representation of what he is.”

As a final reminder, never forget that Crowley is a dangerous demon with a plan. “It’s not all karaoke and foosball [with him],” Sheppard warned.

Watch our full interview with Sheppard below and don’t miss an all new episode of SUPERNATURAL on November 11 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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  • Mark Slade

    “he’s probably the one villain who never underestimated his opponents”

    That’s very true. What’s the quote about the Winchesters from one of Crowley’s early appearances? Something like “am I the only piece on the board who understands how dangerous those two are?”

  • Julie Holden

    In that video interview, the way Mark Sheppard jumps all over the Lucifer question and denies it basically says that he’s coming back. Bad poker face. lol. Same as at the beginning of the season when he kept insisting he was dead.