CHICAGO FIRE Recap: A Controversial Wedding

chicago fire

On this week’s episode of CHICAGO FIRE, in addition to hosting a wedding and going out on a number of calls,a great deal of tension is built up between the new Chief Boyden and the squad of 51, especially Chief Boyden.

To begin, Firehouse 51 was kept busy with an unusually high number of calls this week. First they were called to a wedding, where the bride and groom were trapped inside the chapel. With quick thinking and some teamwork, Squad 51 was able to pry off the bars off the windows, get inside and save everyone. The second call brought the paramedics to a house where some erotic bedroom action left a man collapsed on his partner. Defibrillating his heart Brett and Chile were able to revive the man and take him safely to the hospital for more care. The embarrassment at being caught in handcuffs with someone who wasn’t his wife is probably worse than the medical damage. Finally, the team is called to a high school where a bleacher has collapsed with a number of athletes in the middle of practice falling, and with one getting trapped underneath a heavy piece of dislodged metal. Using a few of the tools from the truck, Matt and Severide are able to lift the crushing bleacher and drag the boy out from the mud and to safety.

While navigating the professional side of things, a few members of 51 also offer to host the ceremony of the ruined wedding at the Firehouse. This plan does not go off without a hitch though, as the new brass Riddle, after already questioning Gabby’s fitness for duty, says that they can not host the wedding. Completely defying orders the squad launches into action; getting flowers, finding the Chaplin (picking him up from the bar), and even convincing Brett to sing. The bride and groom walk down the aisle and happily become man and wife.

Not everyone is happy about the wedding though, as shown when Riddle asks Severide what he thought about the whole event, if he supported it. Knowing he was up for the reclamation of his Lieutenant position, Severide chooses loyalty over agreeing with Riddle, and in saying he supports the wedding, is also denied his promotion.

Even if Severide doesn’t get his promotion, and even if Riddle is making life difficult for everyone at the 51, it’s clear that they are a family and will overcome this latest obstacle. Well, a family who occasionally makes out with each other, as Chile and the new candidate proved at the bar!

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