SUPERNATURAL: Misha Collins Talks Castiel, Heaven and the Darkness


Castiel heads off to find Metatron in this week’s SUPERNATURAL. While Dean convinces Sam they should just confront Amara head-on in the episode, Castiel goes to track down the former Scribe of God in the hopes that he can provide valuable intelligence about the Darkness. He manages to find the former angel and even musters up some sympathy for his current predicament — although, that won’t stop him from punching him. But what else is coming for Cas? During a recent visit to the set of SUPERNATURAL, Misha Collins cryptically teased upcoming secrets, Cas’ disconnect from Heaven, whether Cas will be picking up any new allies and the nature of the Darkness.

With Hannah now dead and Heaven in some disarray, will Cas be our conduit to Heaven? “Cas is alienated, very much, from Heaven and its machinations. In fact, in the episode we’re shooting right now we learn that Cas is pretty much reviled by everyone in Heaven.” He doesn’t have the inside scoop about what the winged characters are up to in Heaven, which certainly won’t be useful if they need to side with the angels against the Darkness.

We also saw Cas help the Winchesters in “Baby” and he was binging Netflix in the bunker in the most recent episode, but how much will he be helping the brothers going forward? Collins was cryptic about spoilers, but he did warn that we won’t be seeing a lot of that. “I feel like that dynamic where Cas is helping the boys and we’re going to solve problems [together] is always a short-lived one. I think that things, generally speaking, fall apart sooner or later and somebody is lying to someone else and there’s subterfuge and dissembling and everything is sort of dysfunctional. So that’s where we’re heading.” Yikes!

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Meanwhile, Cas and Crowley were locked in a fight to the death as season 10 ended, although Crowley did manage to escape with his life. Now that Cas is obviously aware that he didn’t kill the King of Hell, what’s the dynamic like between them? “It’s complicated, I would say. Cas sort of realizes that he didn’t kill Crowley [in the season premiere] and I think that realization for him is kind of conflicted. Cas is not actually totally thrilled that Crowley is still alive.”

Will Cas be picking up any new allies? Yes, but Collins wouldn’t elaborate, so we’re left to speculate.

Padalecki and Ackles shared their own thoughts on the nature of the Darkness and whether their characters believe it is inherently evil (watch here), so we posed the same question to Collins, who seemed to think Cas felt more clear-cut about the primordial force. “I think that we all think that there’s a certain inherent darkness to the Darkness. A certain evil there.”

Watch the interview with Collins below and don’t miss an all new episode of SUPERNATURAL on November 11 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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  • Cooper

    “I feel like that dynamic where Cas is helping the boys and we’re going to solve problems [together] is always a short-lived one.”

    BOOOOOOOO this is the opposite of what I want. I think the show is strongest and most enjoyable for me when Dean, Sam, and Cas are all working together. And I know I’m not alone in thinking that! But the bond between those three is strong – they’ll get through everything without irreparable damage, of course.