GREY’S ANATOMY Sneak Peek: Callie and Meredith have a Confrontation over Penny

greys anatomy

The tension in the past few episodes since Penny’s arrival is here to stay. On tonight’s episode of GREY’S ANATOMY, Meredith continues to do what she deems necessary with Penny’s residency — even though it seems to be affecting her own job performance as the head of general surgery. Can Meredith put her personal feelings aside?

It’s not news that Grey Sloan Memorial is a teaching hospital — teaching being the operative word — and Penny’s new partner and one of Grey’s all-time favorite doctors, Callie, will make that very clear. Meredith’s personal problems have been obscuring her from truly teaching Penny as she would if she were any other resident. Dr. Torres makes it a point to tell Mer that she’s here to help her learn from her past mistakes, especially now that she’s in her 3rd year of residency. In the sneak peek below, we’ll see Callie defend Penny to Meredith once again — only this time Penny doesn’t tolerate it, stops her, and defends herself, leaving Callie visibly upset. Will Callie stick by her side after this altercation?

Meanwhile, Bailey wants Ben to kick out their new roommate, and Arizona is eager to get back into the dating world with a new wingman.

Be sure to watch tonight’s an all new GREY’S ANATOMY at 8:00 pm ET/PT on ABC.

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