HAVEN Star Emily Rose Talks About Playing a Villain, What Mementos She Kept, and Her Future Projects


With only eight episodes left until the series finale of HAVEN, series star Emily Rose looks back on what it felt like to play a villain, her chemistry with Lucas Bryant and her future projects in this exclusive interview with The TV Addict.

Were you as surprised as the fans when you learned that your main persona, Mara, had created the Troubles?
Emily Rose: I wasn’t super surprised because I knew she was evil and that was part of the description of when she was given to me…

I think I was more surprised to discover a bit of the history behind the Troubles which will come out later… Like why they were created with what mentality etc.

What was the most challenging thing about playing multiple personalities?
Hoping that they would read differently… And then playing them opposite of each other when they were in a scene together…. Also there were times Mara would play being Audrey and that was a major mind trip for me when I would have to go there.

Did you enjoy playing a villain?
This was really fun, I hate to admit it 🙂 I think what was fun though, wasn’t that she was a villain but that MARA enjoyed her set of circumstances every time. Audrey even though she is good, rarely is enjoying her circumstances because they are so dire… And because she isn’t in control. MARA is in control and enjoys the chaos, so being able to play a happy, cunning, playful character was a nice change.

How did you feel about about Audrey not only being immune to the Troubles but also the fact that Nathan could no longer feel her?
This was sad. I really felt how trapped she felt also not feeling that special as well as wanting to connect with Nathan and wondering if this would effect that, and the relationship they had. Heartbreaking in some ways.

Speaking of Audrey being her own person, did you have to dye your hair when playing Lexie/Mara?
I dyed my hair when I was Lexi…. That season so we could add the extensions easily but because we knew Audrey should emerge (after the split) blonde…. We started the season out blonde and Jo Anne (my hair extraordinaire) wigged me as Mara. So switching back and forth would be simpler and do less damage to my hair.

You have great chemistry with Lucas. How was your chemistry with Colin Ferguson?
Oh thanks! It takes two! Chemistry is so vital to a successful series isn’t it? Yes, Colin and I had run into each other and hung out at various SyFy events, we would joke around and so naturally when I heard he was joining us, I was super happy! He’s really good and a super quick study so that makes it easy to trust when in a scene together.

What’s your favorite food? Are you a black coffee and cupcakes gal like Audrey?
Ha! Not a black coffee girl at all actually. I am a decaf & tasty vanilla or creamery kind of girl…. I definitely like the froo froo drinks 🙂 And yes, how can you turn down a cupcake…. You can’t really.

Did you get to keep anything from the set?
Yes, I kept the clock from the bullpen, my badge, my notebook…. And a painting of Lunenberg, although that hasn’t been shipped yet.

How will the fans feel about the series finale?
I hope they like it, that is, reminds them of where we began and gives them a bit of hope…. As well as serves the whole story that things aren’t always as perfect as they look.

Do you have any new projects in the works, and if so, can you tell me anything about them?
Just finishing up the 4th and final installment of the Uncharted video game series. That comes out early 2016, I believe. And also getting ready to have my second son which is very exciting. Then I plan to hit the ground running come January!

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