THE BIG BANG THEORY Sneak Peeks: Moving On

big bang theory

Looks like Sheldon and Amy are moving beyond their relationship on THE BIG BANG THEORY.

Last week on THE BIG BANG THEORY, guest stars Wil Wheaton and Adam Nimoy, son of the late actor Leonard Nimoy who played the original Mr Spock on STAR TREK, interviewed Sheldon for a cultural retrospective on the iconic STAR TREK character. But during the interview as Sheldon attempted to mimic his hero’s emotionless logical persona, he couldn’t help showing his human side and fretted over losing Amy. This will lead into tonight’s fun episode — more in a moment.

In the Wolowitz childhood home not far away, Howard and Bernadette got in a tiff over redecorating, and as Howard resisted but reluctantly helped Bernadette’s father in the remodel, he disclosed that he can’t wait to have children. Turned out, however, that Bernadette isn’t very excited about the idea and had been blaming Howard for the reluctance. When Howard admitted he hasn’t been the most helpful husband around the home, growing up in a home without an attentive father he always dreamed of being the better dad he never had, and so Bernadette warmed up to the idea.

Now back to tonight’s episode, “The Mystery Date Observation.” Sheldon decides he’s finished with the self-pity over losing Amy and he’s ready to move on. So he turns to Raj and Howard, who were responsible for him finding Amy, to help him attract a new girlfriend. So, naturally, they post an online ad!

Of course, Amy has been ready to move on for some time — she’s had three dates already. But Amy is shy about the whole dating scene, so Penny and Bernadette try to help her come out of her shell. When Amy is reluctant to give details about who she’s dating, the pair go into spy mode.

Watch the clips below and catch tonight’s new episode of THE BIG BANG THEORY at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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