BONES Redux: Our Top 5 Moments From “The Promise in the Palace”


Hey, Bones fans! Today’s episode theme is, do you believe in magic? Let’s get into the Bones Top Five Moments!

Sebastian is back!
Do you remember that Pulitzer prize-winning photographer Sebastian Kohl who purchased one of Angela’s pictures? Well, here he is again, and they look quite chummy. Did I mention he’s handsome and dashing? With an awesome English accent? Anyway, he’s supposed to be Angela’s mentor, but Cam and I both think he’s interested in more than just Angela’s pictures.

Cam and I are both wrong. He has the hots for Cam. Girlfriend, whatever perfume you’re buying, please clue me in. Arastoo and Sebastian? Those are some serious pheromones. But she turns him down, because of her recent breakup. Oh, don’t let this gorgeous ship pass you by, Cam. She does go to Angela and come clean. She also admits she’s not over Arastoo and is worried she won’t get back what she had with him. Angela says she might not, but she definitely won’t if she doesn’t try.


Somehow Brennan found out about Cam and says she’d want Booth to move on if anything happened with them. Her listing things that could go wrong does not help anyone. Of course, Booth does not want Brennan to move on.

In the end, Cam does come to her senses and calls him. So, yay! More Sebastian to come!

Corpse of the Week!
Klarissa Mott, age twenty seven. She’s a bit of a question mark. She has clear signs of abuse but no restraining orders or domestic violence calls. Nobody has filed a missing person report on her, and she has no relatives in the DC area.

Booth and Aubrey go to see her roommate, Anna. They do that thing where they take an entire ride over in the car and don’t speak about the case until they get all the way to their destination and are just about to knock on the door. It happens again later.

Anyway, Anna is there with her boyfriend, Victor, and they’re just started a catering business. Also, Aubrey and food. Get your head in the game, dude, and stop eyeing the truffle oil. I’m sure the big deal they’re making over that won’t be important later.

So, the reason Anna didn’t report Klarissa missing is because they didn’t really know each other. Klarissa kept to herself and was into “some weird stuff.” You might ask what that weird stuff is. Well, in her bedroom she has straitjackets and handcuffs, and while my mind went in a different direction, Aubrey guesses Magician. But Anna says that according to Klarissa, the correct term is Escape Artist. She did shows at the Magic Palace. Her stage name was Klarissa Bilbao.

I’m going to try to ignore the blatant car commercial as Bones and Booth head to the Magic Palace. My eyes rolled by themselves.

Lenny Jay is there, played by Jay Thomas. He says he gave Klarissa her start when he saw her doing street magic in the National Mall. He says her act was ground breaking. She took more risks than most Escapologists. She’d just been given the Friday night main stage, replacing Big Phil, who’s not very big at all. He plays with fire, and they found second-degree burns on Klarissa. It turns out he played a prank on her all of the time, where she opens a box, and a flame comes out. She usually catches it but has been distracted lately. This makes no sense to me, playing the same trick over and over again, but I’m no Escapologist.

A physical therapist who illegally sold prescription drugs, and she paid in cash for flexibility training, is a dead end. Though she was getting a bunch of emails threatening her because she poached tricks

It turns out Lenny Jay Jr. is the one who sent the emails to Klarissa. Lenny Sr. had given her his best trick, The Drunken Monkey, an escapist move where he’s locked in a vat of scotch. Junior was not at all happy with this, since daddy promised to hand that trick down to him. Junior found this out by following Klarissa around and as a result of the stalking saw her dropped off by some guy who kissed her.

Aaaaand, guess what? Klarissa is allergic to fungus. And you know what truffles are. Oh, Victor, you have some ‘splaining to do…except you totally know it wasn’t him, right? Sure, they were smooching and some of the oil got onto her neck, but he didn’t kill her. He dropped her off at the Palace and was supposed to meet up with her later that night, but she never showed up.

Someone sent Klarissa flowers, but it wasn’t Victor. Anna, his girlfriend, did snoop through his phone, but her awesome boyfriend is “careful about this stuff” and left no incriminating evidence. What a prize this Victor is, huh? Anna did know about the affair, but she stayed quiet for the sake of the business. She seems to feel Victor is not worth killing over.

Solving the Case!
Turns out the flowers were sent by the Golden Pearl Casino in Vegas. Guess who got a new job? And guess which Escapologist who just gave Klarissa his best trick over his own son, wouldn’t be happy about that?

Klarissa had the key in her mouth to unlock the padlock for the Drunken Monkey trick. Unfortunately for Lenny, he strangled her, and the key went down her throat, so he couldn’t clean out the inside of the padlock. Brennan gives him some mumbo jumbo story about the stuff inside matching the frequency of luminescence in order to make Lenny confess, which he does. Broken promises. They could kill you.

The Magical Mr. Edison!
After Clark expresses a love of magic, in a show of humanity Brennan asks him why he has such an interest in it. He explains it got him through a rough patch in middle school and makes the HUGE error of showing Brennan a trick, which she figures out and belittles him with it. So much for the brief show of humanity. His second magic trick doesn’t fare any better, even when Hodgins supplied him with a disappearing spoon.

Their attempt at showing her the awesome history of magic stored at the Jeffersonian brings about another bout of condescension. Seriously, I get whiplash whenever they do this with Brennan. One minute she’s aware of how she can be and the next she isn’t.

The Tooth Fairy is a Fraud!
It should surprise nobody that when Christine loses a tooth, Mr. Booth is all for the Tooth Fairy making an appearance, while Brennan thinks it’s a pastiche of minor myths that lack thought or substance. And contrary to Booth’s belief that it’s tradition and can’t hurt anyone, Brennan says she doesn’t want her daughter to think it’s okay to have someone break into her room and steal discarded body parts. Wow, that’s…wow. And Brennan’s idea to simply explain to Christine about the scientific reasons behind tooth loss doesn’t sound near as good as money under the pillow.

Besides, Hodgins has been leaving tons of cash for Michael Vincent, and surprisingly the six year old isn’t mad at his parents for perpetrating a fraud.

However, after Brennan fooled Lenny, she realizes deception can sometimes be a good thing, so she came home and slipped the cash under Christine’s pillow.

Then Booth does a magic trick with her paperwork Brennan doesn’t understand how he accomplished. At last. A Trick she can’t figure out.

That’s it! So, what do you guys think of Cam’s new love interest, Sebastian? Was the Tooth Fairy good to you when you were a kid?

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