BLINDSPOT Sneak Peek: Intrigue to Survival


There’s a whirlwind of intrigue now on BLINDSPOT as the series approaches its fall finale.

Last week we were given keen insight into the Daylight program that Assistant FBI Director Mayfair has been hiding from everyone. Weller forced Mayfair’s hand and we found out that Daylight is a program authorized from the White House giving the FBI and the CIA access to surreptitious NSA surveillance data on every American to bring down criminals. Only four people knew about it: The White House chief of staff, the White House deputy chief of staff, Mayfair – then the FBI deputy director – and then-Deputy CIA Director Carter. Mayfair was the only one uncomfortable about the program but she decided she had to bend the rules for the greater good. When things unraveled with the program, the four managed to keep it quiet — until Jane Doe appeared with her body of clues.

The lies made Weller mistrust Mayfair: What else has she been keeping from him? Throughout the episode there was tension between the two, and as Weller and his team were sent to investigate the execution-style killing of New York City police, Jane could tell something was bothering Weller, who couldn’t tell her about the problem. Clues to the killings were found in her tattoos, which brought up the question: How could whoever did this to Jane know the cop killings were going to happen beforehand? Jane urged Weller, whatever the problem was, to ease up on Mayfair, who has been supportive and protective of them. Weller was disturbed enough that when he returned home that night, rather than kick his estranged father out of the house, he sat down at the kitchen table and shared straight-up whiskey with him.

This week, the story switches from intrigue to survival as Carter demands that Zapata plant a listening device in Jane’s safe house and tells Mayfair that because whoever put those tattoos on Jane is coming after them, Jane has to disappear. Meanwhile, on a case Jane and Weller discover tickets to a black-tie event and go undercover as high-end assassins to prevent deadly information from getting into the wrong hands; acting as an intimate couple draws them personally even closer. Patterson’s ex-beau embarks on a mission of his own to try to woo her back. And we are warned in the promos: In tonight’s action, someone won’t survive.

One week before the fall finale — watch the sneak peek below and catch tonight’s exciting new episode of BLINDSPOT at 10:00 p.m. on NBC.

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